July 25, 2013

il lecca lecca.blogspot.com to www.fancycookies.com.my

Previously, this blog was known as il lecca lecca.blogspot.com (as you can see it in my picture's watermark) and since July 2013 changed to www.fancycookies.com.my

Ditukar sebab IL LECCA LECCA susah orang nak ingat and maybe typo if nak search kat internet. Dulu2 pilih IL LECCA LECCA sempena initial nama saya and saya start business buat lolipop (IL LECCA LECCA means lollipop anyway in italian). 

But now, even blog dah tukar nama ke fancycookies.com.my, saya bukan ambil order untuk fancy cookies sahaja, tapi still buat homemade chocolate Lollipop (lollichoc), chocolate praline and chocolate chip cookies. 

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