October 31, 2012

Product Photoshoot

I never own a DSLR camera. I only use regular camera to take pictures of chocolate and cookies that I’ve made (that’s why the pictures in this blog are gloomy and dull). I have a photographer friend (officemate) who eventually and kindly volunteer to take pictures of my chocolates. He is so creative and I love his entire artistic photo. He’s not just captures your picture, but he makes an art out of your photo. Visit his FB page to view his marvelous artwork. Started with only a Nikon DSLR, now he own a photography studio located at Seksyen 15, Shah Alam. Thanks Dak Teropong for the nice and amazing photos.

The model is Nadia Syahera (Aku Bukan Haji actress-drama shown during raya haji at TValhijrah). (Pelakon tau yang jadi model coklat aku)….She’s actually doing photoshoot for Mulawa Fashion (and she’s memperagakan my coklat in between…..). Shawl and tudung at Mulawa Fashion not only simple and beautiful but the price tag are also very very affordable. They also show step by step how to wear the hijab in style in their webpage.    


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